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The Kinnari-Kinnara program

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 09:37

(1)    Introduction

Kinnari-Kinnara Program is a frequent flyer program (hereinafter referred to as “Kinnari-Kinnara”.


(1)The exercise of rights connected with Kinnari-Kinnara membership cannot be transferred from a Kinnari-Kinnara member to another person.

(2)Kinnari-Kinnara membership is open to any individual older than 18 years, with a permanent residence in a country whose legislation does not explicitly prohibit membership in such program, and provided that the person fulfils all of the membership requirements.

(3)Anyone who wishes to become a Kinnari-Kinnara member and make use of the benefits of the program must complete and sign a valid Application. By signing, the person shall confirm that he is acquainted with the Rules and agrees to abide by them. An Application, available via the Internet on the AIR KBZ website, completed and submitted in electronic form, or enrolment made over the telephone, through the AIR KBZ Call Centre, shall be considered to constitute a valid Application.

(4)Membership takes effect as at the date Kinnari-Kinnara card has been issued.

(5)In the event that multiple Applications are received from one person, only one Application may be accepted.

(6)AIR KBZ reserves the right to expel a member from the program, should:
a. These Rules be breached;
b. The member express his disagreement with the Rules, or changes or amendments there to;
c. The “Detailed Terms and Conditions for the Carriage of Passengers, Baggage, and Goods in Air Transport” published by AIR KBZ be breached;
d.  The conditions of a contractual partner of the Kinnari-Kinnara program be breached.

(7)A Kinnari-Kinnara member may deliver, at any time during his membership, a written or electronic termination request to the AIR KBZ Head office. The request must state the membership number, first name, surname, date of birth, date of membership termination, and, in the event of a written request, signature.  An electronic termination request must be submitted from the e-mail address that the Kinnari-Kinnara member stated as his contact address; otherwise, the request cannot be accepted as a valid request for the termination of membership.

(8)As at the membership termination or member expulsion date, any and all claims and rights arising from Kinnari-Kinnara, that a member may have with respect to AIR KBZ shall cease to exist.